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Medicines from Hungary

Medicines from Hungary

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Medicines from Hungary (Lekarstva iz Vengrii) 

To date, the modern pharmaceutical market in Hungary is one of the largest in Central Europe, as the pharmaceutical industry in this country is very well developed.  In Russia, there is a huge selection of Hungarian medicines known to us since the USSR, for example:



Avent Пустышкa силиконовaя Text 6-18 мес 2 шт.

Imuran 100X50mg






Avent Пустышкa силиконовaя Text 6-18 мес 2 шт.

Flexiseq 50 mg


Hungarian pharmaceutical companies focus mainly on generics - these are analogues of expensive and best-selling drugs that are manufactured at a special permit in a certified production.  

All medicines from Hungary undergo mandatory licensing.  

Licensing of Hungarian medicines also includes the registration of the price of the manufacturer.  

The license is valid for 5 years, after which it must be renewed.  

Thus, the price of the manufacturer remains fixed for the entire period, and to change the selling price before the expiry of the 5-year period, a special application must be submitted.  

All subsequent mark-ups in the process of distribution and retail sale of medications are fixed, therefore, price competition in pharmacies is practically impossible and this guarantees an attractive price for medicines from Hungary.  

Under the new legislation, it is the duty of all pharmacies in Hungary to inform clients on the availability of generics and cheaper drugs than those requested by the buyer.  

The assortment of the online store at the moment is about 70 000 items, and this is only the beginning, because it is constantly replenished.  

To order medicines from Hungary (Zakazat lekarstva iz Vengrii) 

In our online store you can order not only non-prescription medicines from Hungary, but also delivery of medicines and generics by prescription issued by your doctor is possible.  

Consultants online store - qualified specialists who will tell you about the delivery terms and conditions of payment, as well as help arrange the purchase of medicines from Hungary in a specialized online store in the fastest possible time and on favorable terms.  

We offer you zakzat Hungarian medical products with delivery to your city on the most weekend conditions without leaving home.  

To place an order, fill out the form and send it to an email 

Order form: 

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Delivery of medicines from Hungary (Dostavka lekarstv iz Vengrii) 

On our website medicines from Hungary are widely presented from all diseases, as well as health maintenance.  

A detailed description and instructions to which you can always find using a convenient search engine on the site.  

We will deliver certified medicines and vitamins to you using the DHL delivery service.  

Also you can buy the goods with the help of GLS delivery or place an order with delivery by mail to your city.  

Ordering Hungarian drugs with delivery in terms of 3 to 14 days in our online store, you protect yourself and your family from forgery and low-quality medicines.  

Buy medicines from Hungary (Kupit lekarstva iz Vengrii) 

To quickly buy medicines from Hungary in our online store, you only need to leave a request for (hidden) and within 12 hours our manager will contact you.  

For more productive work it is necessary to indicate the name of the medicine and the necessary dosage.  

Delivery of medicines from Hungary by mail is carried out on average from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the remoteness of the region.  

We are happy to answer all your questions and do our best to get the medicines from Hungary as soon as possible to your city.  

Reviews of medicines from Hungary (Otzyivyi o lekarstvah iz Vengrii) 

Today on the Internet you can buy almost any product with home delivery.  

Medicaments and medicines from Hungary are no exception.  

Hungarian pharmaceutical companies have established themselves as manufacturers of quality medicines at affordable prices, as well as manufacturers of effective generic products.  

Medicinal products produced in Hungary are in great demand in Europe and the CIS due to their quality and affordable price.  

This can be seen by every customer through the pages of popular "otzovikov".  

The online store presents to you the widest range of medicines from Hungary with full description and convenient delivery to your city. 

To order medicines, medical products or vitamins from England, you can fill out an application on or click on the link  HELP 24/7

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