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Decreased cholesterol

Decreased cholesterol

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Cholesterol refers to organic compounds, lipids that enter the body with food, as well as synthesized liver.  One of the types of natural fatty alcohols, cholesterol is needed to ensure the normal life of a person.

 Excess cholesterol in the blood - the primary link in the process of atherosclerotic, or cholesterol, plaques in the blood vessels.  Normally, the level of total cholesterol found in the blood as an element of lipoprotein is in the range of 3.6-5.2 mmol / l, and with age due to physiological processes the upper limit of the norm increases depending on the age and the sex of the patient.  With more indicators exceeding the upper limit, the risk of atherosclerosis increases, significantly increasing when the index reaches 6.2 mmol / l and more.

 Circulating in the blood, cholesterol, with its excess, has the property of sticking together and accumulating in the arteries.  Clumps or plaques obstruct the movement of blood, creating obstacles to blood flow and narrowing the lumen of the vessels, which causes oxygen starvation and insufficient blood supply to tissues and organs.  With the disintegration of some of the plaques contribute to the formation of a thrombus, which provokes thromboembolism, heart attacks, strokes and can lead to death.

 Types of cholesterol

 Cholesterol in the blood is contained as a combination of lipid and protein, lipoprotein.  Depending on the type of complex compound in cholesterol, high molecular weight lipoproteins ("good" cholesterol) and low molecular weight ("bad") are distinguished in the total, determined by blood analysis.  The ratio of good and bad lipoproteins is called the coefficient of atherogenicity, calculating it by the formula: the difference between total and high-molecular cholesterol is divided by the index of low-molecular lipoprotein.  The optimal ratio is 3 or less.  With a score of 5, there is a high risk or development of atherosclerosis.

 Lowering blood cholesterol levels

 The practice of lowering cholesterol with medicines showed that when taking one of the most effective substances - statins - the level of total cholesterol decreases, and "good" (by 30%) and "bad" (by 50%), which negatively affects the body.  In pharmacological practice, two groups of drugs are used for therapy - fibrates and statins.  Fibrates are considered effective in combination with statins.

 Drug administration is prescribed for a strictly defined group of patients: with a heart attack, stroke, acute coronary syndrome or a heart surgery in history, and with a hereditary risk of developing diseases associated with high cholesterol.

 Drugs for lowering cholesterol

 Vazilip (KRKA)

 Lypimar (Pfizer)

 Zokor (Merck Sharp & Dome)

 Liptonorm (M.J. Biopharm)

 Ovenkor (Ozone)

 Torvacard (Sanofi Aventis)

 Simvaghexal (Novartis)

 Tulip (Lek, Sandoz)

 Simvard (Sanofi Aventis)

 Akorta (Pharmstandard)

 Simvastatin (Stade)

 Crestor (Astra Zeneca)

 Simvastol (Gedeon Richter)

 Mertenil (Gedeon Richter)

 Simvor (Ranbaxy)

 Rosukard (sanofi aventis)

 Simgal (Teva)

 Rosulip (Aegis)

 Simlo (IPCA)

 Roxer (CRKA)

 Sinquard (Micro Labs)

 Tevastor (Teva)

 Vitamins and minerals for regulation of blood cholesterol level

 Vitamin A

 Vitamin B1

 Niacin or B3

 Choline or B4

 B6 or pyridoxine

 Inositol or B8

 Vitamin C

 Vitamin E

 Vitamin F

 Vitamin K2

 To reduce cholesterol in the blood, use also drugs of bile acids, nicotinic acid, cholesterol absorption inhibitors and other medicines.  At the moment, to reduce cholesterol to a certain level, non-drug therapies are recommended.

 Physical activity for the regulation of cholesterol

 This factor affects all people with elevated blood cholesterol levels, but especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, combining sedentary work with low activity on rest.  Hypodinamy is also one of the main reasons for the formation of excessive body weight, which also increases the cholesterol growth probability.Any physical load - walking, running, swimming, sports games, gymnastic exercises - activates the metabolism in the body and helps to eliminate stagnation of bile in the bile ducts, which helps independent withdrawal of excess cholesterol.

 Especially recommended for walking and running: these sports, according to the research, best help maintain the circulatory system in a tone and cleanse the blood of excess cholesterol.

 Influence of bad habits on the level of cholesterol

 There is a pronounced correlation between excess body weight and elevated cholesterol in the blood.  Weight normalization helps lower cholesterol.  If the achievement of a normal body mass index corresponding to the sex-age characteristics and growth parameters is not feasible by diet and physical activity, specialist consultation is necessary.

 Tobacco smoking is not just a bad habit.  The constant intake of nicotine, tobacco smoke and carcinogens in the body adversely affects the entire body, including increases the risk of atherosclerosis: a slowing of the metabolism leads to the accumulation of cholesterol and a decrease in the rate of its withdrawal from the circulatory system.

 Alcohol is a factor that has a negative impact on health.  There is an unconfirmed theory, according to which moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages (no more than 200 ml of dry wines per day) can positively influence the process of lowering cholesterol.  Unequivocal opinion on this issue is not developed due to the lack of large-scale studies, but the damage from daily intake of even such alcohol doses exceeds the possible benefits.

 Harmful eating habits also affect the level of cholesterol in the blood.  The habit of food production and the excessive sugar content in food and beverages are also a negative factor contributing to the formation of cholesterol plaques and the development of atherosclerosis.  Exclusion from the diet of products with hydrogenated fats (margarine, products with a substitute for milk fat, most confectionery, half-finished products, fast food, fried foods, etc.) helps reduce cholesterol in the blood by reducing the intake of low-molecular lipoproteins contained in this group  .  Limiting the consumption of sugar in any form (in drinks, dishes, sweets, etc.) provides a reduction in the glycemic index of blood and contributes to the development of "good" low-molecular cholesterol.

 Thus, a healthy lifestyle, motor activity and rejection of bad habits help reduce cholesterol without drugs.

Folk recipes for cholesterol reduction

 Flaxseed for lowering cholesterol.

 Lower the level of harmful cholesterol can be with flaxseed (read the contraindications), which is sold in pharmacies.  Continually add it to the food you eat.  Preliminarily it can be grinded on a coffee grinder.  The pressure will not jump, the heart will become calmer, and at the same time the work of the gastrointestinal tract will improve.  All this will happen gradually.  Of course, and nutrition should be healthy.

 Healing powder.

 Buy in the pharmacy flowers linden.  Smile them on a coffee grinder.  Every day 3 times take 1 hour spoonful of powder.  Course 1 month.  This will lower the cholesterol in the blood, remove the slag from the body and at the same time lose weight.  Some people lose 4 kg.  Improves well-being and appearance.

 The roots of dandelion in atherosclerosis for removing excess cholesterol from the body in the blood.

 Dry powder of crushed dry roots is used for atherosclerosis to remove excess cholesterol from the body and remove harmful substances.  It is enough 1 tsp.  powder before each meal, and in 6 months comes the improvement.  There are no contraindications.

 Propolis for deducing "bad" cholesterol.

 To clean blood vessels of cholesterol, three times a day, 30 minutes before eating, drink 7 drops of 4% propolis tincture dissolved in 30 ml of water.  The course of treatment is 4 months.

 Beans will lower cholesterol.

 The level of cholesterol can be reduced without problems!

 It is necessary in the evening to fill half a cup of beans or peas with water and leave for the night.  In the morning, drain the water, replace it with fresh, add a teaspoon of baking soda at the tip (so that there is no gassing in the intestine), cook until ready and eat this amount in two divided doses.  The course of reducing cholesterol should last three weeks.  If you eat a day at least 100 g of beans, the cholesterol content is reduced by 10% during this time.

 Eggplants, juices and mountain ash will reduce cholesterol.

 There are as often as possible eggplant, add them to salads in raw form, previously holding in salt water, so that bitterness is gone.

 In the morning, drink tomato and carrot juice (alternate).

 Eat 5 fresh berries of red ashberry 3-4 times a day.  The course is 4 days, the break is 10 days, then the course is repeated 2 more times.  This procedure is better to conduct at the beginning of winter, when frosts already "hit" on berries.

 The roots of blue cyanosis lower cholesterol.

 1 tbsp.  roots blue cyanosis blue pour 300 ml of water, bring to a boil and cook under the lid on a small fire for half an hour, cool, drain.  Drink 1 tbsp each.  3-4 times a day two hours after eating and always again before bedtime.  Course - 3 weeks.  This broth has a strong soothing, anti-stress action, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, normalizes sleep and even soothes an exhausting cough.

 Celery will lower cholesterol and cleanse the vessels.

 Stem celery cut into an arbitrary amount and dip them into boiling water for a couple of minutes.  Then take them out, sprinkle with sesame seeds, lightly salt and lightly sprinkle with sugar, add sunflower or olive oil to taste.  It turns out very tasty and satisfying dish, absolutely easy.  They can have dinner, have breakfast and just eat at any time.  One condition - as often as possible.  However, if you have low blood pressure, then the celery is contraindicated.

 Licorice will infer bad cholesterol.

 2 tablespoons  crushed licorice root pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, boil on low heat for 10 minutes, drain.  Take 1/3 of st.  broth 4 times a day after meals for 2 - 3 weeks.  Then take a break for a month, and repeat the treatment.  During this time, cholesterol will come back to normal!

 Tincture of Japanese Sophora fruit and mistletoe grass is very effective in cleaning blood vessels from cholesterol.

 Grind 100 grams of sophora fruit and mistletoe grass, pour 1 liter of vodka, insist in a dark place for three weeks, strain.  Drink 1 tsp.  three times a day for half an hour before meals until the tincture is over.  It improves cerebral circulation, treats hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, reduces the fragility of capillaries (especially the vessels of the brain), cleanses the vessels.Tincture of mistletoe white with Japanese sophora very carefully cleans vessels, preventing them from clogging.  Mistletoe removes inorganic deposits (salts of heavy metals, slags, radionuclides), organic - organic (cholesterol).

 To reduce the absorption of cholesterol, you can use such collections of medicinal herbs.

 Flowers hawthorn, horsetail, grass mistletoe, leaves periwinkle 15 g, herb yarrow - 30 g.

 Arnica flowers - 4 g, yarrow herb - 20 g, St. John's wort -20 g.

 1 tbsp.  spoon collection pour a glass of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes.  Drink sips throughout the day.  The course of treatment is 1.5 months with a 1-2 month break.

 In 1 cup of boiling water, put a few cloves of garlic.  Insist 30 minutes, take 20 drops 2-3 times a day.

 It is very useful to take a quarter cup of red currant juice 30 minutes before meals.

 For the prevention of atherosclerosis, inhaling essential oils of juniper, mint, lavender, caraway, yarrow, basil.

 Rosehip fill in 2/3 half a liter jar, pour vodka, insist in a dark place for 2 weeks, shaking daily.  Start taking the tincture with 5 drops and every day increase the dosage dose by 5 drops (bring to 100 drops).  And then gradually reduce the number of drops to the original 5.

 Atherosclerosis will help tincture of hawthorn flowers: in a glass of alcohol, put 4 tbsp.  spoons of crushed hawthorn flowers, insist in a dark place at room temperature, periodically shaking the contents of the can.  After 10 days, the tincture is ready.  Take 3 times a day before meals for 1 tsp, diluted with water.

 The mixture with lemon will clean the vessels and will bring down the cholesterol in the blood

 If you have an analysis of high blood cholesterol levels, you can try to drink for two months a medical mixture, for which you need 250 grams of lemon, horseradish and garlic root.  Lemon, together with the peel, twist in a meat grinder, then chop the cleaned horseradish root and garlic.  Add the same amount of cool boiled water to the mixture obtained and put in the refrigerator.  Leave for a day to insist.  Three times a day, half an hour before a meal, take one tablespoon of the mixture before bedtime, eating it with one teaspoon of honey.  This is a very effective prescription for the purification of blood vessels, but it must be remembered that it is contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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