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Detoxification of the body - a fashion trend in recent years, the subject of the fascination of many men and women.

 How necessary this procedure really is, what methods are effective, and which ones should be refrained from - the review of detox methods will help to understand this.

 What is the purpose of detoxification?

 Detoxification is the elimination of toxins from the body.

 The word "toxin" comes from the Greek toxikos, which means "poisonous".  Simply put, toxins are poisons that accumulate inside us at the cellular level.  The main source is the environment.  Poisons penetrate into our body with food, water, from the air and through the skin.  The source of toxins can also be intestinal parasites - helminths, ascarids and the like.  Poisonous bacteria and viruses poison us with their poisons.  In fact, the infectious disease is nothing but the poisoning of the body with the products of the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms.

 Normally, a healthy body gets rid of accumulated toxins on its own.

 Natural detoxification is one of the main functions of the liver and kidneys.

 "Waste" is taken out of cells with blood, which, in turn, is filtered by the liver.  A harmful "infiltrate" leaves the body together with urine, then breathing.

 In recent years, there is an increasing need for artificial stimulation of cleansing from poisons, even for people leading a healthy lifestyle.  The fault is pollution of the environment.

 Signs that the body needs to detoxify

 It's time to think about detoxification, if you find yourself experiencing such symptoms:

 Decreased immunity.

 No "cold-wet season" can not do without a cold and SARS - the mechanisms of the body's resistance clearly do not cope with the tasks assigned to them.

 General malaise.

 Constant fatigue, fatigue, depression.  Any work seems overwhelming and unbearable, and favorite things no longer bring joy and satisfaction.

 Irritability increases.

 Get out of bed in the morning - how to climb the scaffold.  All this is accompanied by a headache, an aching joint, and muscle cramps.

 Changes in the hormonal background.

 Every woman who has experienced a beautiful state of pregnancy knows how it is when "hormones sham", and easily identifies the symptoms - a change in body odor, sweating, weight fluctuations, regardless of the change in diet.

 Problems with appearance.

 The hair loses its shine, it sekutsya, nails are exfoliated, the skin condition worsens - it flakes, acne formations appear.

 Problems with metabolism and digestion.

 The feeling of heaviness in the abdomen becomes common, and excess weight appears.  Having found out such signs and (necessarily!) Having excluded as the reason serious diseases, we start detoxification.

 Principles of detoxification

 Work on the problem must be integrated, otherwise all efforts will go wrong. 

1. Reduce the impact of negative environmental factors.

 If you use tap water for drinking and cooking, use filters even before boiling.  Try to be more in nature, to compensate for a little life in the metropolis.  If possible, give preference to products produced in environmentally friendly conditions.

 2. We comply with hygiene.

 Toxins, abundantly contained in urban dust, can be absorbed through the skin.  The timely cleansing of the skin and the use of protective creams will help.

 3. Correctly eat.

 There is nothing to discuss here, nutrition is the main way inside our body for a variety of substances, both useful and not very good.  Without quality control of products and improving the diet, any detoxification activities are simply useless.  Forget the words "fast food" and "soda".

 4. We deduce the superfluous.

 This, in fact, is detoxification in the narrow sense - directly removing from the body of poisons.  We will discuss this in more detail below.

 5. Avoid problems in the future.

 Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of toxins once and for all.  But you can protect your body for the future with the help of prevention.Vitamin complexes and metabolic stimulating food additives help in this.

 Methods of detoxification

 The choice of a specific method of detoxification depends on many factors - these are the individual characteristics of your body, and specific situations (pregnancy, harmful working conditions), and the severity of the condition.


 It is necessary to clearly distinguish diets for weight loss and detox-diet.  The first can increase the amount of toxins in the body due to the products of the decomposition of fats and the slowing of metabolism.  To remove toxins, the following reasonable steps are sufficient: Provide yourself with a quantity of liquid in an amount of at least 3 liters per day.  All non-alcoholic drinks, as well as the first courses, are set off.  Try to consume fiber, which helps to bind and remove toxins from the body.  Greens, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables are our friends.  Consume less salt, which delays the fluid and interferes with metabolism.  Smoothie is a great invention, which has now become fashionable.  It's vitamins and fiber - all in one.  It's good when the fashion is useful.  Saturate the ration of cereals and white meat, but the pasta, on the contrary, it is better not to abuse.  The main principle of the detox diet is to combine pleasure with pleasure.  If you create yourself an unnecessary stress, chasing after some special products or experiencing because of a randomly eaten candy, it activates the processes of accumulation of toxins.


 The only lazy person does not know about the benefits of physical activity.  Rather, the lazy knows, but is lazy.  And we will not be lazy, because physical exercises increase sweating (remember - this is one of the ways of toxins), accelerate metabolism and strengthen immunity.  Do not forget only that our goal is not to break the records, but maximally help the body to get rid of poisons.  Suitable yoga, pilates, shaping, but at least just walking and known to all from childhood complexes fizzaryadki.

 Medicinal detox

 Medication preparations for detoxification, as a rule, belong to the group of sorbents.  The drug physically binds the molecules of the toxin and removes them naturally.  You are probably familiar with these drugs:

 Activated carbon.  Perhaps the most famous, inexpensive and affordable sorbent that our grandmothers used.  Having a porous structure, absorbs toxins like a sponge.  It is used for poisoning, flatulence, stomach upset.  Produced in tablets.  Inferior to modern sorbents in view of the smaller area of ​​the active surface.

 Silicon dioxide colloidal.  A modern sorbent preparation, a more effective substitute for activated carbon.  It is used in the form of an aqueous suspension, which accelerates the action.  Indication - poisoning, hangover, toxicosis in pregnant women, diarrhea, allergic reactions.

 Smectite is dioctahedral.  Another for sure you are a well-known sorbing drug in the form of a powder, which before use dissolves in water.  It is indicated for heartburn, poisonings and diarrhea.  It has a neutral taste, so it is suitable for children.

 Lignin.  Enterosorbent of plant origin.  Produced in powder and tablets, is part of the combined preparations.  It is used for acute poisoning with medicines, alcohol, salts of heavy metals, as well as with dysentery, dysbacteriosis, flatulence, allergies, lipid metabolism disorders.  It can be prescribed as an addition to antibacterial therapy for infections of the gastrointestinal tract.  Contraindications for all sorbing drugs are gastric and duodenal ulcer, gastritis, individual intolerance.

 Medications for detoxification















 How to reduce the negative consequences of intoxication

 Detoxification has the opposite side: along with toxins, our body leaves many useful substances.  What can you do - not yet invented such a perfect method of detoxification, which would remove only what we do not need.Therefore, in any complex detox should help the body to make up for lost utility.  This purpose is served by vitamin complexes and dietary supplements.

 Vitamins for improving the functioning of the digestive tract

 Bion 3

 Advanced Multi-Billion Dophilus Solgar

 Livobliss Trad

 Digestobliss-R Trad

 Candida Forte

 Colonic Plus Entsyymi

 Molkosan Fruit

 Of course, it is better to reimburse vitamins with fresh fruits and berries, in the winter, pickled (not pickled!) Vegetables will come to help.  But if you really decided to turn to tablets, then in principle any multivitamin complexes, preparations with probiotics (for restoration of intestinal microflora) will do.

 The main thing is to consult a doctor.

 Detoxification is not only and not so much specific and new-fangled procedures, the effectiveness and safety of which is rather doubtful, but first and foremost simple and affordable principles, the observance of which will not be difficult, but it will undoubtedly benefit.

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