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To be vigorous during the day, it is important to sleep well at night.  For this, the body needs 6-9 hours of rest per day.  But we rarely pay attention to his needs.  How to accustom yourself to the right regime?

 The whole day we spend at work and after the end of the work day, of course, do not rush home: a warm spring evening is so nice to spend with friends.  As a result, we often go to bed long after midnight, trying not to think that tomorrow we are again waiting for an early rise.  And so all week.  But on weekends we sleep in full and we can not get out of bed before lunch.  And like everything comes back to normal.  That's only the doctors warn: this is the development of sleepy bulimia (shifted mode).  And it is extremely harmful!

 The fact is that you can not get enough sleep, alas, impossible.  The failure of the regime plunges our body into a state of shock, and then it begins to produce cortisol - a hormone that helps to respond to stress: regulates blood pressure, narrows vessels, affects carbohydrate metabolism and suppresses inflammatory processes.

 In normal mode, the level of cortisol in a person rises in the morning hours (from 6 to 9) and decreases by evening (closer to 21 hours).  But with a strong mental or physical exertion, as well as under stress, the hormone begins to develop unscheduled.  Such outbursts lead to a feeling of fatigue and muscle weakness.

 Methods for normalizing sleep

 Suffering from lack of sleep and health and appearance.  What to do?  Urgently change the regime, that is, try to get to bed early.  It's not an easy task, but the result is worth all the pain.  Surely at first you will have problems.  Let's try to solve them.

 Difficulty number 1

 You are used to going to bed late and adjusting to another schedule does not work just because the body does not want to sleep.

 Decision.  If you lie down, say, at three in the morning, get up at eight in the morning.  Devote all day to active work (work, walk in the park, sports, and so on).  Believe me - the next night to go to bed at eleven o'clock you will be much easier!

 Difficulty number 2

 You continually break the regime, because do not look at the clock.

 Decision.  At first it's really difficult to organize your time.  To not forget, install on your mobile phone an alarm clock that will remind you that it's time to go to sleep.

 Difficulty number 3

 Winter is over, and now you are constantly waking up at night, because the room is stuffy.  And from this, even if you go to bed early, you still feel overwhelmed in the morning.

 Decision.  To sleep properly, the bedroom should be 18-20 degrees, no more and no less.  If you do not have an air conditioner, ventilate the room or keep the windows open all night.

 To better relax and fall asleep, take a warm shower or bath before going to bed, turn on the table lamp, and not the top light.  Any drinks should be consumed 2 hours before bedtime.

 Vitamins for normalization of sleep:

 Mega B Complex

 Sleep Optimizer

 ALPHABET Biorhythm


 Time is nearing midnight, but you can not sleep?  So you spent a little energy a day.  Urgent reconfigure your schedule, move more, in the evenings, make jogs or walks in the park, sign up for the sports club.  Remember, any physical activity promotes a strong night's sleep.

 Types of sleep disorders

 There are 82 types of sleep disorders in the world.  However, the most popular were, there are and remain insomnia and drowsiness.

 Insomnia.  On average, 25-50% of the world's population is affected by it, and 95% experience it at least once in their lives.

 The nervous system is regulated by two types of neurons.  Norepinephrine is responsible for awakening, and serotonin adjusts to sleep.  If something disturbs the latter, for example, excessive excitement, obsessive thoughts, stuffiness or cold, the process of falling asleep is noticeably difficult.

 Drowsiness.  It happens that sometimes a twelve-hour sleep is not enough to get enough sleep.  And during the day you still yawn and think only about how to reap.  What's the matter?  And here's what.  During sleep, our brain plunges us into different states.For example, there is a so-called phase of BDG (that is, sleep with rapid eye movements), conventionally it can be called a fast sleep.  Although it does not last long, it is at this time that we are in a state of deepest peace.  Just at these moments, we are visited by dreams.  If this or any other phase is not enough for us in the dream or if they are too short, the person does not get the necessary rest.

 How to tune in to a healthy sleep

 Set up a sleep on the right way to help auto-training, warm baths, soothing teas and, of course, medications.

 Sleeping pills.  The suppression of brain activity is handled by gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is contained in the central nervous system.  The task of any hypnotic is either to enhance the effect of GABA on neurons, or to increase its amount in the nervous system.

 Barbiturates.  They act in the same way as other sleeping pills, but they also have anticonvulsant and relaxing effects.  As a result, these drugs have very strong side effects.  With prolonged use, the phase of rapid sleep is shortened.  In addition, such drugs are addictive as early as the second week.  Therefore, today barbiturates are almost not used as sleeping pills.

 Benzodiazepines.  In the 60 years of the XX century a new generation of hypnotics appeared - benzodiazepines.  They also affect GABA, but have fewer side effects.  However, they are addictive, and if they are used for a long time, there is a need to increase the dose.  A severe awakening and daytime sleepiness in many people have completely discouraged the desire to use them.

 Means of a new generation.  These are selective preparations, derivatives of imidazoperidine and cyclopyrrolone.  Among their undoubted advantages is a minimum number of side effects.  But the most noteworthy is that such tools can not only quickly cause a yawn, but also to establish a natural distribution of the phases of sleep.  True, and this is not a panacea - with prolonged use of them there is the same danger of dependence.

 Antihistamines.  Are you surprised, because these are allergy medicines?  But, it turns out, histamine is one of the most important receptors responsible for our wakefulness.  Drugs that block histamine receptors eliminate allergy symptoms.  And an improvement in sleep is only a side effect.  But some of them are so strong that they are considered ordinary sleeping pills.

 Melatonin.  Melatonin is a neurohormone.  At night, our body produces about 70% of its daily dose.

 Melatonin somehow regulates the rhythms of sleep and wakefulness, in particular, affects the increase in the amount of GABA in the nervous system.

 As sleeping pills on its basis are considered to be light, and they are prescribed for minor violations of sleep.

 Medications for normalizing sleep
















 Novo Passit







 And yet, despite the abundance of medications, if the violation of sleep does not occur over time, you should seek help from a doctor.

 Folk recipes for normalizing sleep

 If you decide to treat insomnia with folk remedies, you can not do without herbal infusions and broths.  You need to consume them for 2-3 months, several times a day.  Such infusions not only help to restore sleep, they heal neuroses, remove unreasonable fears and cheer up.

 • Peppermint - 30 g, valerian root - 25 g, hop cones - 20 g, motherwort - 30 grams - mix, pour 2 glasses of water and warm in a water bath.  Cool, filter and take half the glass three times a day.

 • Peppermint, hawthorn flowers, motherwort, mistletoe, white mixed in equal parts, pour boiling water in the calculation of 1 cup per st.  spoon mixture, we insist and filter.  We take a glass morning and evening.

 • Oregano - 15 g, valerian - 10 g, pour a glass of water, boil for 10 minutes, cool, filter.  We take half a glass for the night.• Chamomile pharmacy, peppermint, fennel fruits, caraway seeds and fruits are mixed in equal parts, pour boiling water (50 grams of a liter of water) and warm in a water bath for 30 minutes.  Cool, filter and take in the morning and evening in a glass.

 The treatment of insomnia with folk remedies involves the use of aromatic oils.  Rub the lavender oil into the whiskey before going to bed, it acts on the body as a sleeping pill.  A few drops of oil can be dripped into the aroma lamp or to any surface in the room.  Instead of lavender, you can use rose oil, it also has a relaxing, soothing effect.

 If you have insomnia, folk remedies offer another interesting way for a sound, healthy sleep.  Sew a small bag of cotton cloth and stuff it with herbs.  Perfectly suitable for this oregano, valerian, lavender, laurel leaves and chamomile.  Put the pouch next to the pillow, the smell of meadow grasses will fill the room, make forget about the problems and adjust your body for rest.

 Allow yourself to sleep before going to bed in a warm bath.  Add in it a decoction of lavender or sandalwood, dip into the scented water, close your eyes and think about something pleasant.  You are stronger than circumstances and can help your body tune into a clear, uninterrupted work.

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