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Hair loss

Hair loss

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Hair loss is a physiological or pathological process of hair loss.  Pathological hair loss leads to their uniform deterioration, partial or complete absence in limited areas or total alopecia.  The causes of hair loss can be a lack of vitamins and trace elements, side effects of drugs, hormonal and infectious diseases, stress, heredity, improper hair care.  Often, eliminating these causes leads to the restoration of the hairline.

 Each person loses 50 to 100 hairs each day.  Hair lives on the head from 3 to 7 years.  90% of the hair on the head is actively growing, the remaining 10% are at rest.  This phase lasts from 2 to 6 months, after which the hair falls out.  Usually, with age, hair does not become thinner, but sometimes new hair does not grow on the spot of the fallen hair.  This process can begin already in early adulthood.  Hair loss can be caused by various diseases, hormonal imbalance, head trauma or head skin damage, stress or the administration of certain drugs.  Often the hair starts to grow again when eliminating the cause of the fallout.

 Causes of hair loss

 The causes of hair loss and hair loss are different, although as a result of both conditions a person loses a significant amount of hair.

 - the aging process;

 - heredity (bald men and women in the genus);

 - hormonal imbalance (for example, in women after childbirth or during menopause);

 - damage to hair (staining, drying, chemical perm);

 - head injury;

 - damage to the scalp;

 - bacterial and fungal infections, autoimmune diseases;

 - Some medications can cause reversible hair loss (pressure medications, anticoagulants, antidepressants, remedies for arthritis and gout).  Radiation and chemotherapy for oncological diseases in 90% of patients causes hair loss.

 - birth control pills can also cause more intense hair loss during admission.

 - stress: physical, emotional and neuro-psychic.

 Other causes of alopecia include:

 - Thyroid gland diseases;

 - infections, surgical operations, severe fever;

 - systemic lupus erythematosus;

 - fungal infections (dermatomycosis, ringworm);

 - malnutrition;

 - wrong hair (tight braids and tails).

 Diagnosis of hair loss

 Hair loss does not remain unnoticed.  And, if alopecia is observed mainly in men, then problems with hair loss are more often observed in women.  An important difference of alopecia from simple hair loss is that in the latter case, the pathology of the hair follicle is not observed.  Therefore, the process of hair loss is always reversible, regardless of the stage.  At close examination on a tip of a hair it is possible to notice a dark sac - this is an unfavorable sign.  If more than five hairs remain in the hand while pulling the strand, this indicates that hair loss is much higher than normal.

 In some cases, hair loss in larger than normal amounts is not associated with any diseases or external causes.  During periods of hormonal changes in the body, hair loss can become worse, after which their condition returns to normal.  To such periods carry postanal state from the 3rd to the 6th month of the child's life, the period of puberty, the postpartum period, the termination of pregnancy and the pre-menopausal period.

 To determine the cause of hair loss, consultation of the trichologist is necessary.  Conduct a comprehensive examination, which includes a blood test, hormonal background analysis, spectral analysis of hair and examinations to eliminate alopecia.

 Correction of hair loss

 The condition of the skin, nails and hair reflects the internal state of the body, and therefore, when hair falls out, it is necessary to eliminate the cause.

 For the treatment period, any aggressive procedures such as dyeing, curling, drying with a hair dryer are canceled.  The use of varnishes for hair, mousses and gels is also not desirable.After the process of hair loss is over, follicles need some time to recover, so that the hair starts to grow again.  At the hair loss phase, the correction is aimed at eliminating the underlying cause, after which various types of hair growth stimulation are used.  If the hair falls out due to taking medications, then if you can not cancel them, you need to replace drugs with similar ones, but do not have similar side effects.

 Correction of iron deficiency anemia, treatment of concomitant diseases along with improvement of microcirculation of the scalp give good results.  Effective methods of correction of hair loss, which are used in modern trichology, include scalp massage and procedures for hardware treatment.  Their effect is based on stimulating hair growth and reducing their loss.  Microcurrent therapy allows you to act on the follicles with electricity and drive under the skin active substances.  The strength of the current in therapeutic physiotherapy is extremely low, and therefore they do not cause harm to health and do not cause unpleasant sensations.

 During a vacuum massage, small cups are superimposed on the scalp, which create a pulsating vacuum.  This achieves better blood supply, accelerated awakening of sleeping follicles and improved nutrition of hair that are in the growth phase.  Mesotherapy with the introduction under the scalp of hair-stimulating preparations and therapeutic cocktails that improve microcirculation of tissues, reduce hair loss and improve metabolism in the hair follicle.

 With the normalization of the internal organs and the proper care of the scalp and hair, their loss ceases.

 Most often, newly grown hair grows stronger and stronger than those that fell out.

 If the loss of hair is total, as a consequence of radiation therapy, then the hair after it grows again, can change its structure and color.

 The most popular pharmaceutical means against hair loss



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 Medicines against hair loss



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 Popular vitamins from hair loss:


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 Folk remedies against hair loss

 Popular folk recipes from hair loss at home:

 Decoction of nettle.  For 500 ml of hot water - 2 tbsp.  l.  fresh or dry leaflets.  Boil 10 minutes, cool, rub into roots, moisten strands.  Repeat procedure 4 times a week.

 Mask with nettles.  To steal leaves (2 items of l.), Connect with oil of burdock (1 tablespoon) and yolk (1 piece).  Rub into roots, distribute by hair, warm, wash off after 20 minutes.  Do the mask three times a week.

 Egg-cognac mask.  Mix 2 yolks, 1 tablespoon brandy, 2 tbsp.  l.  sparse honey, oil thistle - a teaspoon.  Keep the mixture for 15 minutes, if possible, wash off the mask without shampoo, rinse with a decoction of nettle.

 Mask with burdock oil.  Slightly preheat 2 tbsp.  l.  base product, add 4 drops of aether of cedar or rosemary, rub into stale strands, warm your head for half an hour, rinse with shampoo.  Decoction of burdock root.  The proportions are the same as for the nettle remedy.  Ready broth to insist half an hour, rub into the roots every other day.  A good result is the preparation of a medicinal product from equal proportions of roots of thistle and nettle leaves.  After a couple of weeks, the result will necessarily appear.

 Mask with the root of ayr and burdock.  In the bowl, connect 1 tbsp.  l.  powder aira, 2 tbsp.  l.sliced root of burdock, pour 250 ml of hot water, boil for 10 minutes on low heat.  Strain the ready-made broth, rub into the roots, massage the head for 5 minutes, warm the strands for a third of an hour, wash off.

 Mustard mask.  Mix in a glass container a couple tablespoons of mustard powder, 1 tbsp.  l.  Nourishing oil of burdock, rastten yolk, 2 tbsp.  l.  strong black tea, rub the product into the roots, distribute it through the hair.

 With a constant lack of time, the spray with rosemary ether improves the condition of the strands, activates the growth of the curls.  Pour 200 ml of purified water into a bottle with a spray, add 10 drops of essential oil, shake.  Spray the active liquid on strands every other day.

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