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Herpes is a viral disease, accompanied by a characteristic rash on the mucous membranes and skin of the blisters with fluid.

 Herpes is most often called an infection that is caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2.

 In everyday life, herpes can also be called "cold on the lips" and also "fever".

 Herpes simplex virus usually affects first of all mucous membranes, skin, nervous system, and other internal organs of a person.

 According to multiple data from the world's epidemiological studies, herpes is spread all over the globe.  Approximately 40 years of age, over 90% of the population already have developed antibodies to the herpes virus, respectively, at least once in their lifetime they have already transferred the infection.  The severity of the course of the disease, the susceptibility of the body to herpes infection depend to a large extent on the state of the human immune system.

 Herpes virus infections occupy a special place among all infectious diseases.

 It's about viruses that provoke various diseases.  A common feature of these diseases is the appearance on the skin or on mucous bubble rashes.

 Among them: chicken pox, herpes on the lip, shingles, infectious mononucleosis, viral exanthema, genital herpes, etc.

 Often physicians emphasize that most often the recurrence of herpes appears after stress, physical activity, operations, also the disease with herpes is a companion of other viral diseases, for example, influenza, ARVI.

 The source of infection with herpes is the carriers of the virus, which secrete it into the environment, as well as patients with fresh herpetic eruptions.  To infect with herpesvirus infection, it is sufficient to get viral particles on the mucous membranes or on the human skin.

 It is also possible and congenital herpes is a viral disease caused by intrauterine infection of the fetus.  Intrauterine infection is possible in the case when the mother during pregnancy develops a primary herpetic infection with the corresponding ingestion of herpes viruses into the blood.

 Symptoms of herpes

 Symptoms of herpes are known to most of the adult population of the planet, but in recent years the number of infected and sick people is constantly increasing.

 Symptoms of herpetic infection depend on the severity, extent and localization of the lesion.

 The first manifestations of herpes occur 2-7 days after infection or after exposure to a factor that provokes the activation of the virus in the human body.  As a rule, such a factor is a disease, stress or hypothermia.

 Each of the eight types of viruses causes diseases that have a certain symptomatology.

 At 1 type of herpes rashes on the skin most often appear in the form of small single or multiple vesicles.  Typically, the first type of herpes occurs on the skin of the face, often the lips.

 At type 2 the problem takes place on the skin and mucous in the genital area.  With chickenpox, the vesicles are located throughout the body.  On the contrary, with herpes zoster, multiple vesicles will be arranged grouped.  Herpes virus infection in particular, like the flu, is dangerous for its complications.

 Viruses 1 and 2 type affect the skin and mucous membranes of the nose, lips, mouth and external genitalia.

 Also, herpes viruses of these types affect the eyes, affecting virtually all anatomical parts of the organ of vision, ENT organs and esophagus.

 At the same time, such diseases as stomatitis, keratitis, uveitis, pharyngitis, esophagitis, etc. develop. Sometimes the central nervous system is affected with the development of herpetic meningitis and / or encephalitis.

 Type 3 virus (varicella zoster virus) - in children causes chickenpox, and in adults, shingles.  When chickenpox rashes single, located on the scalp and throughout the body.  The temperature is extremely rare.  A feature of rashes with shingles is their location in the places of location of nerves and nerve nodes.  A typical location is on the trunk, along the intercostal nerves.Herpesvirus type 4 (Epstein-Barr) causes infectious mononucleosis, which is characterized by the development of angina, hepatitis and lymphadenopathy.  The severity of clinical manifestations depends on the state of the immune system.  When the deficit of immunity is expressed, severe hepatitis with severe intoxication and jaundice develops.

 Type 5 virus (cytomegalovirus) in adults affects the internal organs - the liver, lungs, heart, kidneys.  Hepatitis has features similar to hepatitis caused by HHV-4.  Pneumonia has the character of necrotic bronchopneumonia and is clinically similar to ordinary bacterial pneumonia, which causes difficulties in diagnosis and treatment.  The greatest danger to this type of virus is for the fetus and the newborn.

 Herpes virus type 6 is considered guilty of the occurrence of malignant tumors and sudden exanthema in children.

 Herpes virus type 7 provokes the development of chronic fatigue syndrome.

 And finally, type 8 - causes Kaposi's sarcoma in people with AIDS.

 A common symptom of all types of herpetic infection is leukopenia (lowering of blood leukocyte count), which can be detected in the usual general blood test.  To confirm the diagnosis, it is necessary to carry out virological (virus detection) and serological (determination of antibodies) laboratory methods of investigation.

How to treat herpes

 This issue is the most urgent for today.

 Physicians mean first and foremost an integrated approach.

 Moreover, the treatment is carried out not only in the course of acute manifestations, but also in order to prevent relapses.

 Obligatory during the treatment of herpes is the use of antiviral therapy, both locally and systemically.  Some specialists also add drugs correcting the immune system, so-called immunomodulators.

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 Exacerbation of herpes

 One of the main factors is, of course, the state of the immune system.  If the immune system functions effectively and fights against viruses, then the disease will not develop, but once the immune system weakens, symptoms of the disease can immediately manifest themselves.

 The causes that can lead to an exacerbation of an already existing virus in the body are: exhaustion of the body, excessive exposure to the active sun, severe hypothermia, significant emotional stress, "critical days" in women, a general decrease in immunity against other diseases, especially colds.

 The main way of transmission of herpes is direct contact of a person with a virus when:

  touches, handshakes, embraces, kisses, through personal hygiene items and other household methods.

 Thus, from all of the above, it follows that in order not to become infected with HSV, at least 2 components are needed:

 1- that the immune system be in an active, working state

 2- observe the rules of personal hygiene

 Well, if it all happened, and you have a "fever" on your lips, you need to carry out complex therapy, which includes: the use of special ointments, ingestion of antiviral drugs, correction of immunity and, of course, compliance with personal hygiene rules.

 Treatment of herpes folk remedies

 Treatment of herpes natural remedies can be combined with pharmacy products.  This allows you to speed up the recovery process.  For prevention, you can drink herbal teas.

 Tincture of echinacea with herpes

 Sold in the pharmacy.  However, to be sure of its quality, it is better to prepare the medicine yourself.  This will require alcohol with a concentration of 70% or ordinary vodka and fresh flowers Echinacea.  They should be washed with running water and dried.  Flowers put in glassware, for example, a jar, and then fill the tank with alcohol or vodka.  The ratio of liquid and echinacea should be 10: 1.  Finally, the medicine will be ready 2 weeks after it is well-fed.  To do this, it must be left in a dark place.  After 14 days the tincture is filtered.  Now it can be used to treat herpes for several years, preliminarily overflowing into a jar or bottle of dark glass.

 You can take the tincture of Echinacea by adding to the glass of water not more than 2 teaspoons.  Herpes on the lips is recommended to wipe with a cotton swab well moistened in the medicine.  In this case, it is not necessary to dilute or dilute it.

 Tincture of calendula from herpes

 To produce it, usually used marigold flowers.  They contain the greatest amount of nutrients that have a curative effect.  It will take 2 tablespoons of crushed marigold flowers, which should be poured into 100 g of vodka and infused for 14 days.  After this, you can wipe the sore spot with the resulting solution.  Tincture is taken and taken 20 drops a few times a day.  You can also brew a strong decoction of dried flowers of calendula.  Insist it requires several hours, and then used to wipe herpes.

 Chamomile from herpes

 3 tablespoons of dried leaves should be boiled and left for an hour, tightly closing the container lid.  This tincture can be drunk, but it is better to apply the napkin soaked in it to the inflammations on the lips.Chamomile well relieves pain and accelerates the healing of herpes.  It has a disinfecting effect and helps to "pull" pus.

 The brewed chamomile can be mixed with tincture of propolis.  A tablespoon of this remedy is recommended to drink 3 times a day.  It is suitable for external use.  Compress from the tincture of chamomile and propolis should not forget to do every few hours.  Then it will be much faster to cope with herpes.

 Licorice root from herpes

 The effectiveness of drugs based on this plant is due to the presence of glycyrrhizin.  Like chamomile, the root of licorice can be used to make tea.  For this, 2 teaspoons of vegetable raw material are enough for a glass of boiling water.  However, you should not drink this tea too often.  It is better to limit 3 glasses a day.

 Licorice root in large doses will not only be of use, but can cause poisoning.  It is not recommended to use it to treat herpes to pregnant women, people with kidney failure and hypertension.  The use of licorice-based drugs leads to the elution of calcium from the body.  Therefore, it is necessary to include in the diet products rich in this element.

 The tincture of licorice is prepared as follows.  The ground root is poured with boiling water and left to infuse for 2 hours.  The resulting broth should be drunk a day.  You can also use white wine.  Insist root in it need 10 days.

 Fir oil

 For the treatment of herpes, fir oil can be used as a folk remedy.  Fir oil should be lubricated herpes sores 3 times a day.  To cure a rash, you can still apply tea tree oil.  And the third oil, used in the treatment of herpes, is camphor.

 Just apply the cotton wool soaked with this oil to the herpes site several times a day.  If you constantly lubricate sores with fir oil, then after a couple of days it will all go away.

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