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Tobacco smoking

Tobacco smoking

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Tobacco smoking is the inhalation of smoke from dried tobacco leaves.  The main reason for smoking is the addiction of the body to nicotine, contained in tobacco smog.  But it's foolish to believe that you can not quit only because of the need.  Scientists have long established that smoking is for the most part a psychological dependence, rather than physical.  If a smoker tries to give up cigarettes even for a short time, he has the first signs of depression, aggression, anxiety, anxiety, and sometimes apathy.  It is extremely difficult for him to concentrate on something concrete, since all thoughts are only occupied with the desire to drag on a cigarette.  After receiving a "regular dose" of nicotine, the body calms down, but it's not for long.  After 15-60 minutes a person again has a desire to smoke.

 But probably, every smoker begins to think about the addiction of the habit at a time when it comes to the serious illnesses that cause nicotine and related substances in tobacco smoke.

 The impact of smoking on the body

 Nicotine has a significant effect on the work of certain organs, which lead to serious consequences.  Unfortunately, not all people understand this, and therefore do not rush to part with dependence.  Smoking is the main culprit in the formation of blood clots.  A person after another "smoke" increases blood pressure, there is a sharp narrowing of the vessels, there is a rapid heart rate, which subsequently leads to the formation of blockages.  Narrowing of the respiratory tract during smoking leads to sputum discharge from the bronchi.  This provokes a cough and an exacerbation of asthma.  Nicotine is the best assistant in the reproduction of deadly cancer cells in the respiratory and oral cavity.  Vision deteriorates, incurable changes occur in the eye day.  Most male smokers develop impotence, in women - infertility.  Nicotine can cause ulcers and stomach cancer

 Causes of smoking

 One of the main reasons for starting smoking is curiosity.  Another reason to start smoking at a young age is an imitation of adults.  In non-smoking families, no more than 25% of children become smokers, this number exceeds 50% in smoking families.  For many, smoking is explained by imitation, smoking comrades.

 Regardless of the nature of the reasons that triggered smoking, it is usually repeated and over time, smoking becomes a habit.

 The habit of smoking has become so firmly established in everyday life that it acquires the appearance of a necessary vital need.  Very quickly developed a kind of reflex of smoking, when the appearance of a beautifully decorated pack of cigarettes, the smell of fragrant smoke and other attributes of smoking make a young guy or girl an inveterate smoker.

 One of the most important factors conditioning the habit of smoking is the habituation to nicotine.  The constituent parts of the tobacco smoke are absorbed into the blood and carried throughout the body.  After 2-3 minutes after the inhalation of smoke, nicotine already penetrates into the cells of the brain and briefly increases their activity.  Occurring in parallel with this short-term expansion of brain vessels and the reflex action of ammonia on the nerve endings of the respiratory tract are subjectively perceived by the smoker as a refreshing inflow of forces or a peculiar sense of calm.

 However, after a while, the feeling of a surge of energy and elation disappears.  Physiologically, this is due to the onset of narrowing of the brain vessels and a decrease in its activity.  To again feel the state of elevation, the smoker after a while again reaches for the cigarette, despite the remaining after smoking bitterness in the mouth, abundant salivation and an unpleasant smell.

 The seeming rise of energy, calmness, being fixed in consciousness after the smoked cigarette, pass into the conditioned reflex.  Nicotine, like some other poisons, becomes familiar, and without it, due to steady reflexes, it becomes difficult for a smoking person to get by.

 1-2 packs of cigarettes contain a lethal dose of nicotine.A smoker saves that this dose is injected into the body not immediately, but fractional.  Statistics say that smokers are 13 times more likely to get sick: stenocardia, 12 times - myocardial infarction, 10 times - stomach ulcer.  Smokers constitute 96 - 100% of all patients with lung cancer.  Every seventh long time, the smoker suffers from obliterating endarteritis - a serious ailment of blood vessels.

 How to quit smoking

 The most common way to quit smoking is to replace smoking with nicotine-containing products.  These are nicotine patches, chewing gums, inhalers.  The mechanism of their action is the same: they provide access to nicotine in the body, thereby protecting the person from an unpleasant withdrawal syndrome.  In this case, the stimulating effect of nicotine on the cardiovascular system is preserved, however, the toxins contained in the tobacco smoke no longer enter the body.  These funds can be used long enough, until the craving for cigarettes is lost.

 Other ways of helping to quit smoking are the use of special medications (on the recommendation of a doctor).  They do not contain nicotine, they are antidepressants, restoring mental equilibrium in the initial period of quitting.  It is also possible to rinse the mouth with special solutions that cause an aversion to smoking.

 The most effective medicines for getting rid of the habit of smoking are:

 1. Tabex from SOFARMA PLC

 2. Champix from Pfizer Manufacturing Deutschland

 3. Bryzantine from Materia Medica

 4. Nicorette from McNeil

 5. "Bullfighting Plus"

 Antidepressants for smoking cessation:

 1. "Zibian"

 2. The Nosnovka

 Alternative methods of quitting smoking include acupuncture (reflexotherapy) and hypnosis.  With acupuncture, needles are inserted into the auricle, affecting certain structures of the brain.  As a result, the "smoker's reflex" is destroyed.  The method of hypnosis is that, after bringing the patient to the state of relaxation, the doctor suggests that he is against smoking.  It is believed that at the moment of manifestation of craving for smoking, the patient will "remember" these settings.  The success rate, according to the control checks, is 30%.

 Traditional means in the fight against tobacco smoking

 There is a huge amount of folk remedies for smoking cigarettes and for those who have already suffered from addiction for a year.

 Broth of oats

 Oatmeal is the most famous and common remedy. This recipe is currently considered to be the most effective.  The use of a decoction really reduces the craving for smoking.  But I must say that the process of treatment is very laborious.  Oat broth very quickly turns sour and spoiled, so it is prepared immediately before consumption.

 Oat groats - 1 tbsp.  l .;  Boiled water - 2 cups;  Calendula (marigold) - 1 tbsp.  l.  Oat grains are poured in cool water, the liquid is put in a cold place for 8-12 hours, then the composition boils for 10-15 minutes.  After that, calendula is added to the liquid and the broth is infused for 45 minutes.  Pour the liquid into a thermos and drink the broth whenever you want to drink water or smoke.

 Also no less effective is the infusion of young oat grain on high-quality vodka or alcohol.

 Two tablespoons of green oats pour a glass of high-quality vodka and let the infusion fill in a dark place for two weeks.  The course of treatment - 15-20 drops per half a cup of water three times a day.  It is advisable to use infusion for half an hour before meals.  Broth of oats not only reduces the craving for smoking, but also frees the body of toxins

 Air and Iceland moss

 This recipe works as follows: the use of aura in combination with cigarettes causes nausea, which is the strongest provoker of the weakening of psychological dependence.

 This simple technique was developed by Dr. Filatov, who spent a year searching for an effective medicine for smokers.

 It's simple: periodically chew calamus or Icelandic moss, or a twig of bird cherry.  Ten days later, a special reflex will develop in the body: after a prolonged cigarette, you will feel a strong vomiting urge.Tincture of plantain

 In the morning or evening, collect the leaves of plantain large or lanceolate, wash them and pound them in a container with a volume of 200-300 ml.  Pour into the jar of vodka to the neck and leave the composition infused for two weeks.  Avoid direct sunlight.  At the end of the time, pour the liquid into a dark plastic bottle and take several drops of 4-6 drops a day.  We recommend using a compound with water, on a piece of bread or sugar.  Use the composition as many times as you want to smoke.


 This recipe should be prepared in the height of summer, when raspberry blooms.  Collect 100 grams of fresh flowers, put them in a container, pour 0.5 liters of vodka.  After the infusion stays in a dark place for 10 days, begin the course of treatment.  Every day, take the composition of 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day.  The course of treatment is not limited, use the infusion to the last drop.  Broth from the flowers of raspberries will also help to cope with the problem.

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