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Alcoholism is a disease manifested in the pernicious habit of drinking alcohol frequently and in excessive amounts.  An alcoholic is a person dependent on alcohol.  With a sharp cessation of alcohol consumption, he has a so-called withdrawal syndrome - nausea, vomiting, anxiety, hallucinations, tremors, and other unpleasant symptoms.  Alcoholism violates brain activity and physical abilities, impairs memory and the ability to think sensibly, a person begins to commit unreasonable acts.  Alcohol affects the ability to make decisions and makes a person irresponsible to such an extent that at the last stage of alcoholism he becomes unable to take care even of himself.

 Causes of alcohol addiction:

 Alcohol in a person can develop for a variety of reasons:

 vulnerability and subtle perception of reality,

 personal failures


 bad Company,

 understanding of their powerlessness to change the world,

 lack of ability to enjoy life,

 acute stressful situation

 death of a loved one

 constant fatigue or depression

 low self-esteem,

 disappointment in life.

 Stages of alcohol dependence and consequences


 Drinking alcohol is a habit and becomes the main way to relax, relieve tension and stress.  This is the stage of addiction where a person begins to feel anxiety, irritability and depression without alcohol.

 Stage II

 At this stage of addiction binges, alcohol in the morning and the appearance of intoxication in the workplace.  The second stage is the physical dependence of a person on alcohol, in which the gag reflex to receive a large amount of alcohol disappears.  Characterized by the emergence of partial amnesia, in which certain events fall out of memory during the reception of alcohol.  Such a person in the moments of forced sobriety feels an increase in depression, anxiety and irritability and unconsciously tries to remove them with alcohol intake.  At the end of the second stage, symptoms of CNS damage appear, psychosis and pronounced aggression develop, behavior control is almost lost.

 III-stage of alcoholism, in fact, means the social death of a person.  There is a complete degradation of the individual.  This is no longer a person in the full sense of the word - he has no work, family, and most likely no home.  This stage is called encephalopathic and is characterized by irreversible toxic brain damage.

 Drug treatment of alcoholism

 Currently, there is a fairly broad classification of methods for getting rid of alcohol dependence, all of them can be divided into two large groups - drug and non-drug methods.  Application of methods of one group does not exclude application of methods of another, on the contrary, an integrated approach is recommended, since alcoholism is an addiction at the physical and mental level, respectively, treatment involves influencing the problem by different methods.

 Drug treatment of alcoholism involves the use of drugs that suppress the craving for alcohol, and drugs that block the possibility of its potential admission.  All pharmacological drugs for the treatment of alcoholism can be divided into those that suppress the pathological craving for alcohol, and those that relieve the effect of intoxication when drinking alcohol, i.e.  what it is consumed for is pleasure, relaxation, sociability, etc.

 The best drugs for alcoholism:












 Lidevin (Lidevin)

 Vivitrol (Vivitrol)

 Aquilong (Acvilong)

 Actoplex (Actoplex)

 The use of dietary supplements in the treatment of alcoholism:

 It should be remembered that dietary supplements as independent means of treatment are not effective.  They are used as components in complex therapy and have little effect on the body.The popularity of drugs for the treatment of alcoholism is explained by the many positive reviews of former patients who have experienced the efficacy of such drugs as Vivitrol, Algominal, Esperal, Colme and the whole complex correctly selected therapy.

 It is worth remembering that the treatment of alcoholism with pharmacological methods should be trusted exclusively to professional doctors.  Modern pharmacies have at their disposal a huge range of drugs and drugs that have a strong effect on the body, but in inexperienced hands these drugs may not be effective or very dangerous at all.

 It is necessary to take drugs for the treatment of alcoholism only by prescription and under the close supervision of a narcologist.  Self-medication can lead to serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, damage to internal organs, and other irreversible effects.

 The effectiveness of drug therapy for the treatment of alcoholism provides:

 Elimination of abstinence effects

 Reduction and complete elimination of craving for alcohol

 Treatment of some mental disorders and complications

 Changing the factors of influence of alcohol on the human body

 The treatment of alcoholism is a phased process and the use of medical drugs accompanies each stage.

 When withdrawing from the binge, drugs are used to detoxify the body from the decay products of alcohol, restore the hydrolytic balance of the body, relieve symptoms of a hangover.  In the treatment of hard drinking one of the important tasks is the removal of withdrawal symptoms.

 The next step may be coding, which is carried out with the use of drugs that suppress the craving for alcohol and cause rejection of alcohol if taken.  At the stage of rehabilitation and a return to a healthy lifestyle, it is also impossible to do without the use of medicines, which allow normalizing the functioning of internal organs and systems that have been disabled by prolonged use of alcohol.

 In the treatment of alcoholism in the practice of drug abuse, various antidepressants are widely used.

 All drugs should be used exclusively on prescription.

 Appointment of certain drugs is carried out on the basis of examination of the patient and talk with him.  Depending on the condition of the patient, treatment can be carried out at home, on an outpatient basis or in a hospital.

 In general, drug treatment of alcohol dependence shows high efficacy in close relationship with other methods of treatment.

 Treatment of alcoholism folk remedies.

 Even our ancestors preferred to carry out treatment of alcoholism folk remedies at home.

 There are many methods of traditional medicine that help cause aversion to alcohol and help people stop drinking.

 Folk remedy for alcoholism can be easily prepared at home: decoctions and tinctures, medicinal blends, teas based on medicinal herbs, plants and products.

 The most effective folk remedies for alcohol addiction are decoctions of plants and herbs that cause severe vomiting and aversion to alcohol.  They can add to the alcohol and food of the patient without his knowledge.

 There are a lot of plants, below are the most common folk recipes from alcoholism.

 Bay leaf

 A decoction of bay leaf allows you to set a persistent aversion to alcohol.  In 1 liter of any alcoholic drink add 7-8 bay leaves and leave for 7-10 days.  Then strain the tincture and give it to the patient.  Bay leaf in combination with ethanol causes the patient to have a severe intestinal disorder, which is accompanied by vomiting and loose stools.  The main thing is not to exceed the dose, otherwise you can cause severe poisoning.

 Hoof and bastard

 A more radical remedy for binge drinking are medicinal herbal preparations on the basis of poisonous plants: raincoat, bastard European.  After drinking herbs with alcohol, a person has a strong nausea, vomiting, and stomach discomfort.  Due to this effect, the patient has a strong aversion to alcohol.Over time, he quits drinking.

 Mushroom Copperfish

 One of the ways how to cure alcoholism folk remedy - mushroom Coprinus.  A very powerful tool that has helped many.  Mushrooms need to cook in any way and give the patient.  They have a pleasant taste and aroma, but in combination with alcohol they give a strong poisoning.  The dung box contains substances that slow down the breakdown of alcohol in the blood and cause poisoning.  The patient has severe vomiting, headache, which is observed for several days.

 Bearberry Broth

 Folk remedies for beer alcoholism is not so radical.  One of the most effective is considered decoction of bearberry leaves: 2 tablespoons of bearberry leaves pour a glass of water;  the resulting semblance of tea must be boiled for 15 minutes;  decoction must be given to the patient in 1 tbsp.  l  5-6 times a day;  The course of treatment is 2 months.

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