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Medications From China

Medications From China

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Medicines from China (Lekarstva iz Kitaya)

 Despite the huge popularity of alternative medicine in China - in pharmacies in China you can buy almost all European medicines.

 But most importantly, you should not look for European drugs in a pharmacy, the specificity of which is to work with drugs from traditional Chinese medicine.

 But in most cases in China, it is customary to start using traditional medicine methods, and if it is already powerless, to contact specialists and begin treatment with medical preparations.

 In our online pharmacy you will find the most common medicines in China, both traditional medicine and many dietary supplements and herbal preparations delivered directly from China.

 The most sought-after Chinese drugs on the European market are:

 The range of the online store at the moment is about 70,000 items, and this is only the beginning, because it is constantly replenishing and expanding the scope of its services.

 Order medicines from China (Zakazat lekarstva iz Kitaya)

 At you can order not only simple over-the-counter drugs from China, but also analogues (generics) of expensive drugs that do not differ in their effects from the originals, because the production of generics in China is strictly regulated and controlled by the state. online pharmacy specialists will advise you on delivery times and payment terms, as well as help you place an order for medicines from China in a specialized online store as soon as possible.

 We suggest that you order Chinese medical products with delivery to your city on the most weekend conditions without leaving your home.

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 Buy drugs from China (Kupit lekarstva iz Kitaya)

 In the online store you can always buy the medicines and medicines you are interested in from China at the most favorable conditions.

 In order to buy medicines from China, you just need to leave a request for and within 12 hours our manager will contact you.

 For more productive work, indicate the name of the medicine and the required dosage.

 By ordering Austrian drugs with delivery in terms from 3 to 14 days in our online store, you will protect yourself and your family from counterfeiting and low-quality medicines.

 Delivery of drugs from China (Dostavka lekarstv iz Kitaya)

 On our site are widely presented medicines from China for all diseases, as well as maintaining beauty and health.  Here you will find the largest number of quality generics.

 A detailed description and instructions for which you can always find using the convenient search engine on the site.

 We will deliver you certified medications and vitamins using the DHL delivery service.

 You can also purchase goods using GLS delivery or place an order with delivery by mail to your city.

 We will deliver to you preparations from China with all accompanying documents, so that you would be confident in achieving the desired result in the treatment and maintenance of your health at a high level.

 Reviews of medicines from China (Otzyivyi o lekarstvah iz Kitaya)

 Today, on the Internet, you can purchase almost any product with home delivery.

 Medicines and medicines from China are no exception.

 Chinese pharmaceutical companies have established themselves as manufacturers of quality medicines and generics at very affordable prices.

 Drugs produced in China are in great demand in Europe and the CIS countries due to their high quality and effectiveness.

 Each buyer will be able to verify this by scrolling through the pages of popular otzovikov.

 The online store presents you the widest range of medicines from China with a complete description and instructions for use, as well as convenient delivery to your city.

What was the beginning of medicine in China

The attitude of the Chinese to diseases is amazing and quite unusual for our mentality. The Chinese perceive the disease as a war. But this war they prefer not to start, so try all possible ways to avoid "battle". The attitude of the Chinese to medicine is really very serious. Even during the reign of Emperor Qin Huang, when the mass burning of books was carried out, the treatises on the medical subject were carefully guarded and preserved. The Chinese government has great respect for the Ministry of health and is doing everything to develop this industry.

Despite the fact that every day the medicine is moving further, the interest in traditional practices (which are also called Han medicine) has revived in the 50s of the previous century and still does not fade. It was at this moment that Chinese medicine seemed to fall into two branches: modern and traditional. Although these practices are very different from each other, they have a common goal — to maintain health. Modern medicine is based on scientific achievements. Ancient medical teachings, though based on traditional postulates, also develop, they consist, in addition to the medicine (for example, herbal treatment), a number of psychological practices, dietetics and so on.

Curiously, these " branches "of medicine come from one" trunk " and do not compete with each other, but complement each other. In China, it is considered perfectly normal to combine, for example, complex operations with the use of modern high-tech equipment and acupuncture, the use of medicinal herbs. Of course, it is impossible not to take into account the fact that the specifics of treatment depends primarily on the characteristics of the disease, but also, of course, on the personal preferences of the patient.


For the health system to remain at a high level, it must be supported by the same high level of pharmaceutical development. Like other business sectors, pharmaceuticals in China are developing at a tremendous speed. If 5 years ago the turnover of this market was 41 billion dollars, today its size has increased to 63 billion. That is, almost a half times. Such high rates of development and growth are conducive to attracting foreign investment. They "revitalize" the pharmaceutical industry and give it the ground, incentive and resources for development. China uses not only foreign investment, but also Western experience, Western technology, and its cheap labor, China has managed to achieve unprecedented results. The health care system is so "unbreakable" here that Europe and even the US are far behind.

The key to the success (one of the most important) of the development of pharmaceuticals in China is huge government subsidies. They allow to stimulate the development of all branches of medicine: training activities for staff, new equipment, diagnostic and laboratory. Until 2020, for example, there will be a program for the development of the pharmaceutical industry. It implies that $ 123 billion will be allocated for development. This amount will be distributed among educational institutions, developers of pharmaceutical equipment and, of course, exporters of pharmaceutical products. The statistics confirm that the production resources of China's pharmaceutical industry are the largest in the world. It is in China that more than four and a half thousand drugs are produced in more than fifty forms. It should also be noted that 90% of all pharmaceutical substances that are intended for further processing are produced in China. A huge amount of vitamins, antibiotics, as well as such well-known drugs as Metamizole and acetylsalicylic acid are available for delivery of cargo from China.

The most famous and largest company for the production of pharmaceuticals is a Corporation Sinopharm. This company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of finished medical products, as well as specializes in medical research and services of another type. According to the company's reports, its annual turnover reaches 30 billion yuan.

The next position in our ranking is the company Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group, which has a really powerful system of sales at retail, the company's products are delivered to a disparate network of pharmacy stores So the company manages to avoid large logistics costs, realizing the maximum of its products. The company's turnover is 20 billion yuan.

The Beijing pharmaceutical Corporation takes the honorable third position in the market. This company does not specialize in the production of the finished product, but in the manufacture of medicinal substances, products related to traditional Chinese medicine. Also, one of the activities of the Corporation is the manufacture of food additives.

Of course, the list of the largest companies engaged in the production and supply of pharmaceutical products does not end there. I would also like to note the following companies that have a large market share. Middle Of Hubei Provincial, Medical & Health, Shaanxi I/E Corp, Beijing Medicines & Health Products I/E Corp., Jointown Group, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Company. Intermediaries in China have a large selection of potential partners.

It should be noted that foreign pharmaceutical companies also work in the Chinese market: their number reaches one and a half thousand, which is about 30% of the Chinese pharmaceutical market.

But, like any large highly developed industry, the Chinese pharmaceutical industry has a number of shortcomings. Do not forget that the main goal of Chinese companies is international expansion, not just the domestic market. And in order to gain popularity in the international market, it is necessary to use all the techniques: cheap labor, cheap electricity (in order to reduce production costs). Unfortunately, if these factors are abused, as well as the lack of sufficient control of the finished product, its quality may be low. This fact leads to a serious crisis in the industry, and if things continue to go this way, the speed of development of the pharmaceutical industry risks falling sharply.

Problems with product quality became more serious and serious over time and therefore led to a number of unpleasant incidents. For example, in 2009 there was an incident with contaminated impurities hypersulfated chondroitin sulfate heparin. Taking this poor-quality drug has led to many deaths, among the victims of such negligence were not only Chinese citizens, but also residents of Europe. Some time later, the us Commission revealed a gross violation in the composition of diethylene glycol produced in China. These and some other cases have dealt a severe blow to the reputation of Chinese pharmaceutical companies. After that, the government drew attention to the incident and took measures: now the rules of quality control of finished products have become tighter. Serious anti-corruption measures have also been taken. It allows you to adjust the advertising campaign in support of medicines. A law has also been issued to monitor the activities of unregistered pharmaceutical companies, as well as to prevent criminal negligence in the course of employment.

However, China is not the only supplier of medicines that has faced such problems. Low quality of production is noted in India, Brazil and Latin Africa.

A few years after the above-mentioned laws had been issued, the situation had indeed improved. For example, in 2014 there were no cases of production of low-quality medicines. After the country joined the WTO, the quality of exported products is carefully controlled – of course, this applies to medicines. Thanks to the measures taken by the state, as well as a sufficient number of investments, the prospects for the development of medicine are becoming better and better. China is not going to yield to such world leaders as Singapore and Japan in anything. That is why transportation of products from China is gaining popularity again. You should not think long about how to pay for medicines, buying their party in China. Trade today is well established.

And, for example, to be treated in Beijing in terms of cost and quality (only good modern medical equipment is used in the work) will be as good as in Europe. But treatment in China has its own" highlight", its undeniable advantage, which is difficult to describe in words: the Chinese were able to create an amazing matrix of treatment. They use the latest developments in the field of medical equipment, such as pacemakers company Touch Insight, in conjunction with decoctions of local herbs, made according to the recipes of Chinese sages. This combination of different approaches gives unprecedented results-the treatment becomes even more effective.

 TOP medicines from China.  Popular drugs from China (Populyarnye lekarstva iz Kitaya.TOP lekarstv iz Kitaya)

 On the website you will find the most popular medicines from China at the most attractive prices with delivery to your city.

 On the main page of the site are always presented to your attention promotional items, drugs at a discount, as well as TOP medicines from China and other countries of the world.

 We offer you not only the most popular and demanded drugs from China, but also a wide selection of rare and expensive medicines, as well as their generics, and high-quality cosmetics that meet international standards.

 Our specialists will be happy to advise you and tell you about the delivery time and payment terms in order to deliver medicines and medicines from China to you as soon as possible and on terms that are favorable to you.

 To order medicines, medical products or vitamins from China, you can fill out an application on the website or follow the link HELP 24/7

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