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Fatty food destroys us from the inside

Fatty food destroys us from the inside

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 If a person in the diet has an excess of fatty foods, he will face a violation of intestinal microflora.

 The result may be diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stroke.  This was proved by an experiment in which more than 200 healthy volunteers aged 18-35 took part.

 People were divided into groups.  In the first group, the percentage of fat was 20% of the total calorie intake (the level below the recommended norm), in the second - 30%, in the third - 40%.  Six months later, the influence of the diet on the intestinal microflora of volunteers was assessed.  All three groups showed weight loss.

 But most of all people from the first group have lost weight.  They also had the most significant decline in total cholesterol, low density lipoprotein and waist.  Moreover, in their microflora significantly increased the percentage of bacteria associated with low cholesterol.  But people from the third group had an increase in the number of bacteria, on the contrary, associated with high levels of cholesterol.  The fatty diet also caused changes in the metabolism of long-chain fatty acids.  In the bodies of people, the concentration of compounds causing inflammation increased.

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