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Anxiety symptoms according to cardiologists

Anxiety symptoms according to cardiologists

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 According to statistics, a large percentage of deaths occur due to heart problems.

 The corresponding risk is increased in people over 60, diabetics and people with overweight.  However, the situation can be corrected if the alarms are correctly recognized.

 The most common symptoms of future problems are discomfort in the chest (burning sensation, tightness, tingling), as well as pain in the left hand.  These are classic signs of a heart attack.

 But there are less obvious.

 Among them is a cough with pink or light mucus (a symptom of heart failure that worsens the outflow of fluid from the lungs).

 Dizziness, loss of orientation, shortness of breath - all these are consequences of poor heart function.  The organ does not cope with its task, and the tissues begin to suffer from a lack of oxygen.  Separately, you should pay attention to swelling of the legs.  This symptom also speaks of a malfunction of the heart.

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