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Diet for healthy blood vessels

Diet for healthy blood vessels

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 Healthy blood vessels are the cheerfulness and joy of life.  But the problems with them turn into not only pressure surges, but also a multitude of extremely unpleasant diseases, even a stroke.  The first thing that doctors advise you to pay attention to is your own weight.  Obesity, and simply overweight affects the condition of the heart and blood vessels.  As a result, you need to lose weight and change your diet, introducing everything that is useful and removing everything harmful.  And, of course, move more and play sports.

 Five principles of a healthy diet

 o Minimum animal fat.  Meat can be eaten only low-fat (white poultry meat, lean beef).  Dairy products - limit.

 o Introduce foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids into the diet, namely fatty fish, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds.

 o Mandatory vegetable side dishes.  Half of a serving for breakfast, lunch and dinner must be vegetables, preferably several types of vegetables, salads, steamed and boiled, baked vegetables.

 o Reduce the amount of salt, thanks to this, remove excess water from the body and reduce the load on the heart.

 o Eliminate alcohol, caffeine, refined and canned foods.  Spicy dishes, as well as smoked meats, fried and fat are contraindicated.

 Important!  When taking various medications that strengthen blood vessels, be sure to consult with your doctor to correct your diet, since many products may be incompatible with medicines or even vitamin complexes.

 If you just want to take care of the health of your blood vessels, then it will be good to include such products in your diet:


 One of the best products for the heart and blood vessels.  It is better to eat pomegranate fresh, in extreme cases - drink pomegranate juice, sterilized with a minimum amount of sugar.  The fact is that pomegranate is capable of removing cholesterol from the body, thin the blood and clean the walls of blood vessels from plaques.


 Garlic is not only a natural antibiotic and a protector against colds and flu.  One clove of garlic a day can protect against cardiovascular diseases.  It consists of nitrous oxide and hydrogen sulfide.  These substances reduce the tone of blood vessels and thereby contribute to lowering blood pressure.

 Whole grains

 Cellulose, which is found in bran, baking from wholemeal flour, cereals, helps to remove harmful cholesterol from the body and clean the vessels.  In addition, cereals contain potassium and other trace elements and vitamins that are beneficial for the heart and blood vessels.


 In any cabbage a large amount of vitamin C, a very important vitamin for the heart and blood vessels.  Cabbage gently lowers the pressure, and also removes toxins - in general, the whole body is cleaned.


 They have a lot of magnesium, which strengthens the heart, and the antioxidant lycopene, which supports vascular tone.  It should be noted that the benefit of vessels will bring both fresh and baked or stewed tomatoes.


 A high content of potassium and folic acid in spinach helps to expand blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.  And both fresh and frozen spinach is useful.  In addition, greens contain a large amount of fiber and nutrients.


 Fiber and pectin remove cholesterol and take care of vascular health and elasticity.  Suffering from cardiovascular diseases are often recommended to arrange fasting days on apples.  And relieve from excess weight, and will help replenish the supply of vitamins and beneficial trace elements.

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