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In the fight against aging

In the fight against aging

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 New Three Anti-Aging Drugs

 Means that can improve the condition of older people are known as geroprotectors.

 Recently, the Solkovsky Institute developed new tools from among them.  They protect the brain and are potentially able to cure Alzheimer's disease.  So far, the drugs have only been tested on mice.

 The basis of the development of plant components are: fizetin (there are a lot of them in strawberries) and curcumin (composed of turmeric).

 Scientists have synthesized three drugs (CMS121, CAD31 and J147) that protect neurons from inflammation associated with aging of the brain.  As experiments have shown, drugs reduced the level of markers of aging and dementia.

 At the same time, life expectancy increased simultaneously.  Now experts are preparing for clinical trials.  They have yet to figure out whether these agents can affect not only the brain, but also other organs, for example, the kidneys or muscles.

Along with this discovery, molecular biologists from the United States have developed a drug that is able to calculate aging cells in the body of animals and destroy them, prolonging the life of an individual by a third.  The experiment was conducted by scientist James Kirkland with his colleagues at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  The experts introduced to the laboratory mice cultures of aged cells, with the accumulation of which in the body develop physiological changes characteristic of old age.  When the first signs of aging began to appear in mice, the scientists introduced a mixture of substances, which they called the senolithic, the “solvent of old age.”

 According to scientists, the drug includes leukemia drug Dasatinib, which destroys the aged cells.  In addition, the drug contains a component of the bitter taste of onions and red plant pigments quercetin, which relieves inflammation caused by the action of dasatinib.

 “The pre-oral delivery of senolithic to mice with transplanted aged cells and elderly individuals facilitated physical dysfunctions and increased the survival of animals by 36%, while reducing the likelihood of mortality by 65%,” the researchers said.

 They noted that both components of the new medicine are already being used in medicine, “which gives hope that the use of senolitics will soon become practical”.

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