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Treatment of meningitis

Treatment of meningitis

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Unique drops are tested against meningitis

Nose drops containing beneficial bacteria can prevent the development of meningitis. And now they are being tested under the control of British scientists. The tool developed at Southampton centre for biomedical research.

The idea that safe bacteria Neisseria lactamica introduced a single gene. It helps to keep the bacteria in the nose (it is easier to be attached to the cells of the mucosa), causing a protective immune response against his cousin - the bacteria Neisseria meningitides, which can cause meningitis. 

Approximately 10% of adults are carriers of bacteria that cause meningitis. They live in the nose or on the mucous membrane of the throat, especially not showing. But sometimes these bacteria enter the bloodstream, and then begin a serious problem - a person can die in 4 hours. If in the nasal cavity were bacteria Neisseria lactamica, dangerous microorganisms was not enough room.

Medications for meningitis:

 • Penicillin

 • Ampicillin

 • Ceftriaxone

 • Cefotaxime

 • Meropenem

 • Isoniazid

 • Ethambutol

 • Streptomycin

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