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Man's health

Man's health

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 Based on statistics, 60% of cases of potency reduction are associated with various diseases, and in 30% psychological problems are to blame.

 Causes of male problems:

 1. Drinking alcohol.  Scientists have proved that if you consume about 50 grams of strong alcohol daily, the potency will worsen.  The liver for the absorption of such drinks actively uses testosterone, which eventually turns into estrogen.

 2. A huge amount of time modern men spend behind the wheel of a car.  As a result, such a shaking contributes to problems with blood circulation of the genital organs.

 3. Modern technologies adversely affect men's health and longevity.  After lengthy experiments, it was proved that if every day talking on a mobile phone for more than 4 hours, sperm loses up to 30% of its qualities.

 Unfortunately, but only 10% of men who have noticed problems with potency turn to specialists, while others are embarrassed by a similar topic.  Although it is in vain, because with many problems you can cope and return everything to its place.

 Prevention and tips on how to improve men's health

 Scientists around the world are constantly exploring this area and make all new discoveries.  It was recently concluded that men who make love at least 3 times a week look, in general, 10 years younger.  Scientists have no doubt that sex is a good habit for everyone.

 To improve your condition, it is recommended to bring in products in your diet that are useful for men's health.  These include:

 1. Pomegranate juice.  Due to the content of antioxidants in it, the vessels are dilated, which helps to improve blood circulation in the penis.  This action was proved with the help of an experiment in which men of different ages participated.

 2. If you want to increase blood circulation in the vessels, then eat up to 100 g of dark chocolate daily.

 3. The perfect solution for a romantic evening is strawberry and raspberry, as it is in these berries that there is a lot of zinc, which takes an active part in the synthesis of testosterone.

 In your diet you need to make products that contain vitamins for men's health, or use them separately.  These include vitamins A, E and group B. They increase the conductivity of impulses along the nerves.

 The most popular dietary supplements for men

 1. Yohimbin;

 2. Hammer of Thor;

 3. Tongakat Ali Platinum;

 4. The power of the deer;

 5. Alikaps;

 6. Wook Wook;

 7. Red root;

 8. Golden horse;

 9. Orgasex;

 10. Soar

 The best medicines for male potency:


 Cream "Health"

 Solomon's vector






 Spray M-16



 Chinese herbal remedies for potency:

 Tonify Yang Tablets


 Physical activity

 Scientists have proven that an erection depends on the training of muscles.  The ideal direction for maintaining men's health is yoga.  Such classes will help not only to get exercise, but also to improve your mental state and relax.  In contrast to strength and cardio workouts, after yoga classes, on the contrary, there is a surge of energy and strength, as well as an increase in sexual activity.

 The dependence of men's health on age

 To maintain men's health after 50 years, you need to follow him from a young age.

 Possible reasons for the decrease in potency at this age:

 1. Low levels of sex hormones.  The decline in production begins in 25 years and this process is irreversible.

 2. Vasoconstriction.  The older a person becomes, the more slows the flow of blood through the vessels.

 3. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.  The body no longer controls the level of cholesterol in the blood, which leads to various problems.

 4. Diseases of the genitals.  The older the man, the greater the risk of such problems.

 Folk remedies to enhance potency

 A very tasty and at the same time effective folk remedy is a mixture of chopped walnuts and honey.Ingredients (nuts and honey) are mixed in a one-to-one ratio and are taken after eating one tablespoon per month two or three times a day.

 Dairy products also have a great effect on male potency, and their daily use contributes to its normalization.  Tea and coffee perfectly increase the potency, especially if you add a little clove, ginger or saffron to these drinks.

 Decoction of hypericum perforated improves blood circulation, and this, in turn, helps to increase potency.  The broth must be prepared in the following way: Pour two tablespoons of Hypericum with a glass of hot water, let it brew for one hour, then strain and drink three times a day, 50 milliliters.

 Broth of a parsnip of a sowing campaign increases a potentiality, and besides is a general tonic.  To prepare the broth, you must take four tablespoons of root vegetables, grind them with six spoons of sugar and boil for 15 minutes over low heat.  Then give infusion for eight hours and drink three times one tablespoon before meals.

 Tea from hop cones also contributes to increased potency.  To prepare it, take one tablespoon of crushed hop cones, pour one glass of hot water and cook over low heat for five minutes.  It is necessary to take tea within one and a half months two or three times a day for half a glass.

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