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A stylish and elegant fragrance for men who are natural leaders. Eau de toilette with warm vetiver and spicy tones of pepper and cloves leaves a very elegant and untimely impression.

The water of Habanna is a breathtaking spirit of masculinity and is ideal for elegant men. The seductive, spicy aroma of heather, cardamom and a rare rosewood awakens sensuality and an irresistible passion.

Eau de toilette from Aqua Colonia from Men's Aqua Colonia will take you right into the heart of distant India in the market with rare spices and exotic flowers. This fragrance is ideal for male adventurers who are not afraid of experimentation.

Sensual smell with bitter tones and hay with the aroma of animals will give you a refined charm and subtlety of your manhood. The basis of exotic patchouli and linseed oil is ideal for these gentlemen.

Homme 365 has a pleasant, attractive male fragrance. The towel is similar to men - it combines fashionable fragrances that are both delicate and complex. This pleasant aroma can be enjoyed 365 days a year.

Ayurvedic Cologne Mansarovar enfolds you with a refreshing, earthy flavor of citrus fruits that will please not only the senses, but also the body.

Ayurvedic Cologne Water Pushkar enfolds you with a spicy, medium hard smell of myrrh and coriander, which will please not only the senses, but also the body.