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The matte blush is a loose mineral soft peach tint in the warmer will support the natural coloration of the skin and will match the bill with light, medium light and dark skin tones that delivers beamed and refreshed appearance.

A charming and timeless matte pink blush in a dim shade enhances your natural beauty and adds to your face an elegant and distinctive look. The composition with mineral pigments guarantees day-to-day endurance.

A light pink shade of sparkling mineral blush gives your face a gentle honeymoon. The composition with mineral pigments guarantees an ideal result and a refreshing fresh make-up that lasts all day.

A unique rouge in an elegant and versatile shade of ripe peaches in a velvety matte texture to emphasize facial features and give you a refreshing natural color that will maintain warm tones in your face.

A frosted pink mineral blush that not only impresses with its versatility, but also a beautiful refreshing effect that emphasizes your cheekbones and gives you a natural shiny look.

A hint of irresistible mineral blush gives a juicy pink tint with a drop of red pigment to brighten and refresh your look. A neatly flickering texture will provide lícním bone satin tires.

A subtle shade of mineral blush gives your face a beautiful vivid appearance. It is especially suitable for light skin with a warmer shade, shining a stunning shade of peach pink hue.

Mineral blush in the base of the timeless shadow earthly brown with a fresh pink tone will accentuate the beauty of the Schools. Thanks to an all-day battery life and attractive shade is suitable for every day.

Mineral wrinkle with a silky soft texture increases the attractive look of the cheekbones with smoky pink smoke in the semi-matte appearance. It lasts all day and does not irritate the skin.

A free mineral blush in a juicy peach hue instantly shines with your face, helps to relieve signs of fatigue and gives a new look. Due to its high quality natural composition, it does not irritate the skin.

A delicate cold pink shade with a light and decent shine revitalizes the expression and gives you the look of a beach goddess. Thanks to mineral pigments, it lasts all day and is very simple to use.