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100% sheep wool with excellent thermal insulation and for a long time keeps the child in a comfortable and dry environment.

A practical corset horseshoe, filled with polystyrene pellets, is easily formed and adapted to your requirements. This is an excellent help not only for breastfeeding, but also as a relaxing pillow for many difficulties.

A practical baby pillow filled with buckwheat buckets keeps your temperature stable for a long time and is a practical help for quickly warming up your child or effectively removing pain and cramps.

Fleece blanket in a cream shade has a very wide range of applications. You can use it in car seats, strollers, cribs, or as a soft surface when re-packing or playing on the ground.

A baby blanket filled with high quality Tevyro hollow fibers is breathable and has an excellent absorption property. Gives the child a lasting sense of safety and warmth.

Funky rabbit-shaped rattles are used to develop the child's motor skills. Practical bite will be appreciated especially when pruning the first teeth.

A frenzy the size of a fox becomes an inseparable friend of your child. This helps to develop coordination of the hands and eyes, and the added bite gently rinses the gums during the growth of the teeth.

Rattle in the form of a cat with a wooden bite is a toy that helps develop motor skills and at the same time relieves gum pain with the growth of the first teeth.