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LKVB6 90 tbl

Ideally take Psyllium Dr. Jump out about half an hour before eating.

1 to 2 teaspoons (2.5 - 5 g) of psyllium fiber Pop in the morning or in the morning. even in the evening in 250 ml of water (or juice). Eat a large cup of liquid (water, herbal tea, fruit juice, etc.).

The maximum daily dose of plantain fiber Pop 5 teaspoons (12.5 g). Psillium Doctor Popova can also be used in sauces, yoghurts, soups or as a part of muesli, etc.

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Manufacturer Dr. Popov Czech Republic


LKVB6 is a highly effective formulation that harmonizes metabolism.

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Manufacturer KLAS CZ s.r.o. Czech

Slimax Lady 50+ is an innovative product that helps control the weight of mature women.

Slimax Lady 50+ product contains proven combinations of the active ingredients glucomannan, flax fiber, plantain, prickly pear and alginate, which the stomach takes up a lot of volume, which causes and increases the feeling of fullness.

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Manufacturer MAXIVITALIS Czech Republic

Nutrend Carbonex - pills for immediate energy supply. The source of energy is simple and complex carbohydrates in the optimal ratio. The stimulating effect and saturation of the body with energy occurs due to a number of effective components such as caffeine, taurine, L-tyrosine and creatine. Magnesium, which is part of the drug, prevents the occurrence of seizures.

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Manufacturer Nutrend Czech Republic

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