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Faran True Colors Fire Set includes a combination of multifunctional mineral powders in warm colors. They are suitable for any type of makeup, perfectly held and not frowned.

With Faran Sparkling Bronze Mineral Eye Shadows you will achieve a natural, delicate appearance and a more characteristic evening look, without weighing the delicate skin of the eye with unnecessary chemicals.

Faran Sky Blues Mineral Eye Shades are suitable for natural, delicate, day-to-day makeup, but also make it easier for you to have a more dramatic effect for a more formal make-up for the evening. Shadows hold perfectly all day.

Mineral Eyeshadows from Faran Eyeland are suitable for natural, delicate, day-to-day make-ups, but also facilitate them a more effective effect on the evening evening ceremony. Shadows are excellent for the whole day.

Faran Purple Wow Mineral Eye Shadows are suitable for natural, delicate everyday make-up, but also make it easier for you to have a more dramatic effect for a more formal evening dress. He keeps well all day.

Mineral deep wood shade for the eyes is suitable for natural, delicate everyday make-up, but also makes it easier for you to have a more dramatic effect for a more formal evening dress. Shadows are excellent for the whole day.

The Faran True Colors Earth kit includes mineral multifunctional powder mixtures in natural, earthy shades. They are suitable for any type of makeup, perfectly held and not frowned.

Mineral Eyeshadows from Faran Sea Breeze are suitable for natural, delicate everyday make-up, but also make it easier for you to have a more dramatic effect for a more formal make-up for the evening. Shadows hold perfectly all day.

Beautiful mineral eye shadows in a unique lilac violet shade with complex gold reflections instantly brighten your eyes, whether you use them for day or evening makeup.

Shadow powder with a silky soft texture will deepen and illuminate the look with a dark brown hue with a purple tint. Flatter all the colors of the eyes and can be used for both day and evening makeup.

Charming, mineral eye drops in green shades of green khaki will entice you with its velvety textured texture and wear for the whole day. Gold shine reflects the warmth of your face.

Sparkling mineral eye shadows in a bright and peculiar blue-green color will lighten your eyes. Their unique courageous charm will be appreciated especially in the summer season or for brighter evening make-up.

The luxurious chocolate-brown shade of the mineral eye shadow will add depth and accentuate your appearance. With universal use, you can also apply it as an eyeliner, which emphasizes the shape of your eye.

Dark brown mineral shadows with velvety texture are soft matte perfect for eyelids or prostínování for smoky looking. Thanks to their versatility, you can also use eyebrows.

Eye shadows with mineral pigments will make you at first sight with its unique light green hint of menthol, which instantly glows with your face and emits any color of your eyes.

The main natural shade with a velvety smooth texture is easy to apply and lasts all day. This shiny white shade can be used to shade the eyes, as well as the classic marker.

Eye shadow with natural mineral pigments fascinate you with its universal neutral shade in gray-brown color with a light shine. This shade reinforces and emits blue eyes.

A natural light beige shade with golden tones is very suitable for everyday make-up and has universal application. Its velvety, soft, smooth texture gives your eyes an irresistible, elegant look.

Mineral eye shadow to remind you of the holidays in Provence. Due to their dull lavender with dull gray tones they support brown and green eyes and give you a romantic and gentle look.

Loose mineral is suitable for bare shades of light brown matt shade with a pink tinge. Gives the eyes a subtle highlights and it can also be used as a high quality base under more colors.

Mineral shadows in a natural light beige hue can only be used for a discreet daytime version or as a basis for other colors. It is also excellent to blur sharp edges when pouring.

Mineral shadow for the eyes, thanks to which you become a true ancestor. Gray with green shades in the matte texture envelops the lids with a mysterious veil and is an excellent base for smoky makeup.

Mineral eye shadow with the content of natural pigments in a gentle pink shade will give your beautiful glitter and glamor girls. Thanks to the quality of the composition lasts all day and is very easy to use.

Mineral eye shadows with high-quality pigments make your eyes easier. Bronze shades are especially suitable for blue eyes, but for summer and autumn it is absolutely necessary for all eyes.

Mineral red eye shadow with intense natural pigments instantly shine your eyes and give you a sparkling look. Medium-rippling shimmering shade is ideal for a noticeable smoky make-up.

Mineral, eye shadow in cold white with bright shine instantly open and your eyes shine. It can be used to apply to the eyelid or as a face for the entire face.

Especially timeless mean grayish shade Mineral shade is useful for both day and evening make-up. Velvety smooth texture emphasizes the shape of the eyes and thanks to its composition, high quality make-up lasts all day.

Matte eye shadow in the earth's brown tint will match every color of the eyes. You will play with them a gentle and excellent make-up.

Golden shadows with a twinkle give a spark of gray or light blue eyes. Thanks to their pure natural composition, they are also suitable for sensitive eyes.

Matte light pink shades emphasize the color of brown eyes and can be layered or in combination with other tones for a more visible appearance.

Mineral shades of a juicy plum shade with rich pigments reveal the natural beauty of your eyes without irritating them.

Eye shadow in dark gray color fits all eye colors and creates a smoother make-up with them.

Light brown mineral eye shadows contain rich natural pigments and are very easy to apply. You will not find in them synthetic ingredients.

Shining white shadows flicker with your eyes and visually increase the eye. Miraculously, they can be combined with darker shades for smoky makeup.

Shades in a decent pink flickering twinkle will untie the color of your eyes and easily blend with darker shades.

With a velvety soft eye shadow in a dark moss shade, you can play a thinner day and a distinctive smoky make-up for the evening.

Mineral shades in a warm brown shade with bronze flicker lighten the eyesight and soothe the sensitive eyelid skin thanks to the amber extract.

Universal beige eye shadow with golden flicker can be used for any occasion. And they are also suitable for sensitive eyes.

A small amount of mineral shadows take your finger or a small brush, lightly brush and then gently apply on the eyelid. To create a distinctive smoke version combines a lighter shade.

Matt chocolate-brown shades are great for creating smokier make-up. They also have antibacterial and soothing effects.

Mineral eye shadows in a matte white shade make your eyes brighter, but they are also an excellent base for a brighter make-up.

Clear shades for peach eyes are great for mature day views. They will be beautifully tuned with brown or green eyes.

Shadows in a dark Burgundian shimmering shade accentuate the beauty of brown or green eyes and at the same time do not irritate them.

With matte brownish-brown shadows, you can easily make a great day or smoke. And they are also suitable for sensitive eyes.

With beautifully pigmented flickering white shadows, you can easily enlarge your eyes. You can combine them with other shades.

With shadows for shadows in shimmering salmon tones, you will playfully give your gaze a spark. This shade is great for all eye colors.

Eyeshadow in the royal blue shade will be mostly brown eyes. It is also easy to use for smoky make-up, and also suitable for sensitive eyes.

The bronze shade of the multi-purpose shadows looks great not only on the eyelids, but also as a bronzer. Thanks to the fine gloss and shine on your face.

The violet shade of the universal eye shadow directly determines it for smoky makeup. Dark purple deepens your look and looks gorgeous, like a blush.

Eye shadow free consistency is easy to apply with a finger or a brush. The elegant and earthy shade of khaki looks very natural, and also eliminates the redness of the eyelids.