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Exomega line in atopic dermatitis in adults and children

For skin types: dry atopic

Age category for: any age


Daily softening, moisturizing and soothing care with a protective effect for very dry and atopic skin of the face and body.


Instant removal of a feeling of tightness, itching and burning. Soft, velvety skin is protected from loss of moisture and external irritants, it does not peel

€21.48 €26.85 -20%

Bioderma Sébium Mat Control - a new care for problem skin, which operates in three directions: moisturizing, matting, smoothing. After applying the product, the skin instantly becomes opaque. Greasy shine does not appear within 8 hours, the structure of the skin improves day after day.

It is developed together with dermatolagami

MVE delivery technology

Non-medogenic and non-irritating

With ceramides and hyaluronic acid

Approved by the National Association for Eczema

Provides patented controlled release of ingredients that help to establish and restore a protective skin barrier.

CeraVe® Moisturizing Lotion is a unique light and non-greasy texture that provides 24 hours of moisturizing, restoring and strengthening the protective skin barrier.

Hyaluronic acid in the moisturizing lotion helps maintain a natural level of skin hydration for a long time.

Provides hydration 72 hours even after washing!

• Struggles with peeling and eliminates the feeling of tightness caused by dehydration.

• Prepares the skin for applying makeup.

• Does not contain oils.

€16.26 €18.07 -10%

Dermacol BT Cell Blur Wrinkle Remover excels with a unique lifting effect. It contains a concentrated anti-wrinkle complex that visibly fills and smooths the wrinkles. Brightening particles give skin freshness, vitality and optically remove signs of fatigue and skinny skin.

Cream with wheat germ oil with microcrystals of gold, karite or "shea butter" and mineral salt from Karlovy Vary sources of the XIV century. Moisturizing cream containing hyaluronic acid with very short chains of molecules and wheat germ oil of the first spin is intended for all skin types, in the first place - irritated and dehydrated. The cream is easy and quick to absorb.

Luxurious 24 hour cream containing the revolutionary bio-constituent of Akosky Apium plant stem cells obtained from celery leaves absorbs immediately allowing the active ingredients to pass to the inner cutaneous structure where they act on cellular level.

This revolutionary anti-ageing bionanotechnology provides rejuvenation and regeneration to the ageing skin of over 35. It helps to combat wrinkles, promotes elasticity and a brighter-looking skin. It also contributes to firm skin structure and smoothes fine lines.

Mineral salt from the Carlsbad springs promotes the metabolism and calms the skin.


    • For significant rejuvenation and firm skin structure

    • Tightens the skin of face contours

  • Ensures skin cell regeneration
  • Limits formation of new lines
  • Skin hydration and regeneration

Regular application of CLEAR-CONTOUR eye creme with clinically tested component Bioskinup Contour and hyaluronic acid helps effectively in removal of wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. The active substances in this product recover skin strength and brightness around the eyes. Mineral salt based on the Carlsbad springs contained in the product supports metabolism and soothes the skin.


    • Tightening and smoothing of crows feet

    • Hydration and reduction of swelling under the eyes

  • Prevents formation of dark circles around the eyes
  • Prevention of drying of eye wrinkles
  • Strenghtening and tightening of eye contours

Cicapair Cream provides care, regeneration, hydration and nutrition for sensitive skin.

Suitable for skin care after cosmetic procedures.


 Ducray Keracnyl Control Crème regulating cream - helps to eliminate inflammation, black spots and oily shine



Without age restrictions

Skin Type:

all skin types

Primary action:

fight against signs of aging





increase elasticity and elasticity



Active Ingredients:

Adenosine, streptomycin

Age: 18+

Purpose: nutrition, moisturizing

Time of application: universal

Sex: for women

Classification: professional

Skin Type: All Types

Age: 18+

Purpose: nutrition, moisturizing

Time of application: universal

Sex: for women

Classification: professional

Skin Type: All Types

Face, eyelids, neck and decollete cream from the series Natural Cosmetics of the Sea - consists of unique components of invertebrate relict hydrobionts (deuterostomia), seaweed of the Pacific Ocean and other substances that determine the uniqueness of this cream. According to the composition of mineral compounds, no analogue can be compared in this segment.

As a result of using Korres Pomegranate Moisturising Cream cream, the hydrobalance of oily skin of the face is regulated. The expanded pores contract, the fatty luster and black dots disappear. At the same time the skin remains moist and gentle for a long time. With this cream, the face looks attractive and well-groomed.

Age: 18+

Purpose: nutrition, moisturizing

Time of application: daily

Sex: for women

Classification: mass market

Skin Type: All Types

Application: Day Creams

Skin type: For all skin types

Skin needs: Moisturizing, Nutrition

Nirvanesque line for all skin types with the first wrinkles, from 25 years old

For skin types of all types

Age categoryc 25 years


Skin care with the first signs of aging


Gives elasticity to the skin. Instant feeling of softness and comfort.

Purpose: lifting, from the first signs of aging, moisturizing

Time of application: universal

Sex: for women

Classification: natural

Skin type: normal, dry

€22.67 €28.34 -20%

It is designed for regular care of problem skin at any age and allows you to get rid of many skin imperfections, which can cause some discomfort and complexes, about its appearance.

€43.28 €54.10 -20%

Age: 25+

Purpose: recovery, from wrinkles, from the first signs of aging, softening, moistening

Time of application: night

Sex: for women

Classification: curative