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An alternative to the classic aesthetic and cosmetic products-MD-TISSUE medical device! The product contains collagen and a set of vitamins that help to reconstruct tissues and smooth wrinkles. The product can also be used to reduce pain.

Use it on the advice of a homeopathic expert. For non-prescription use, use the product according to the instructions for use given on the package and in section 3 of this leaflet.breast-feeding, the product may only be used for particularly serious reasons and at the advice of a physician.

It is a medical device containing collagen, which greatly improves mobility. Especially indicated for problems in the lumbosacral spine.

Pain can make it difficult to move. MD-MUSCLE medical device in the form of an ampoule for injection is recommended to be used to improve joint mobility. The product also supports the stretching of the muscles and relieves the pain.

Your joints do not allow you to forget about yourself? Do they still hurt and make it hard to get around? Today, you can restore fitness and comfort to life thanks to the MD-SHOULDER collagen ampoule, which reduces physiological degeneration of the joints on several levels.

Cold pressed black caraway oil in RAW grade is suitable for consumption as well as for cosmetic purposes.