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Bacterial plaque - the main cause of diseases of teeth, gums, bad breath, the appearance of spots on the enamel. Daily hygienic procedures do not remove plaque, food residues from the areas between the teeth, even if you use a high-quality electric toothbrush. Careful cleaning of the surface of the dentition and interdental space is possible with the use of an irrigator. An example of the ratio of price and quality is the irrigator Braun Oral B Professional Care OxyJet md20.
Waterpik represents the world's most advanced irrigator in a new black casing: Waterpik WP-112 E2 Black Ultra. This irrigator has many distinctive advantages.

Waterpik WP-112 E2 Black Ultra:

Low noise at high power

Compact and easy to use

10 steps of water pressure adjustment

Exclusive nozzles included

Separate storage space for attachments

Modern design